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Our 'philosophy' is fairly simple: have fun and play fair. We accept and embrace the pub atmosphere, and do our best to ensure as fun and as fair of a game for the majority of players at any given time. Sometimes this comes into conflict with our own fun, and sometimes it conflicts with the fun of a given player or group of players. If all we cared about was ourselves, though, what type of community would we be? So we try our best to look out for the bulk population of our server, and have found that doing such leads to more fun for everyone in the long run. If you're looking to dominate the other team, or if you're looking to stack up with your clan mates to run through a strategy, then the Pink Taco Bar is not the place for you. We don't expect everyone to agree with us all of the time, but we do expect everyone to respect our rules when playing on our server.

Respect All Admins and Players

This is a simple rule that everyone should follow no matter what server they are on. Respect for others is as basic as you can get. If an admin tells you to do/not to do something, obey them. If you are switched teams, do not switch back. If you are not friends with the person you just killed, do not 'tea-bag' them. If someone does something you don't like, don't fly off the handle and cuss them out or call them names. Simple a rule as can be.

No Spawn Camping

If you can't capture the spawn, do not camp it. If you can capture it, you actually have to try and do so; you can not simply spam it for minutes on end without making any attempt to capture it. You can take out deployables at a non-capturable spawn, and you can defend yourself from any attacks while doing so, but that means get in and get out; don't sit there for longer than it takes to disable what you need to. Don't shoot at people as the drop in and spawn, don't shoot at someone in their teams main spawn if they're no threat to you. Now if a spawn has multiple exits, you can patrol one of them, so long as the other is left open. Example: Refinery. If you want to sit out front of the Strogg base in the tank, go for it. But no one else on your team can be doing likewise at the back exit from the base/entrance to the building. The purpose of preventing spawn camping is for the other team to be able to get out of their base and near to the objective; to give them a fair chance to win just as you would want in their shoes, and just as you should have.

No Stacking

It's always more fun to play with friends. We know this. But this is a pub server, not a scrim or a match. Clans should break up between the teams as evenly as possible. Sometimes, you can't always distribute perfectly between the teams, and we understand that. But if two of your clan are on one team, and that team is rolling through things, split up at the next map. Keeping things even in both numbers and skill level will make for a more fun and challenging game for everyone.

No Recruiting

The Pink Taco Bar is owned and operated by the s3 clan. If you're looking for people to join your clan, don't do so on our server. Trying to recruit people on our server is like going into the home teams locker room and trying to recruit their players.


Posted by ViRuS